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The Modern Dreamer
Los Angeles, California United States
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    Los Angeles California, United States
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    The Modern Dreamer began with a love, respect, and fascination for the beauty and inspirational nature of the traditional dream catcher. Here, each dream catcher is handmade and inspired by the traditional dream catcher, but created in a way that promotes a modern, free-spirited interpretation. It is The Modern Dreamer’s hope that each piece inspires others and creates a connection that garners individualized meaning and importance.

    The materials used at The Modern Dreamer are always humanely sourced and cruelty-free. Unless otherwise noted, faux-suede and 100% organic hemp or bamboo cording are often used and the feathers in each piece are of the highest quality and obtained from other small businesses. So, each piece is created while being earth-conscious. The Modern Dreamer loves supporting other craftsmen and local businesses as much as possible. Thus, many intricate design features such as the vintage doilies, beads, gemstones, pendants, and wooden details have been found at local antique shops or small businesses across the United States.

    Each dream catcher is handmade and created with the hope that it will inspire others and bring joy, love ♥, peace ☮, and whimsy to the space in which it is displayed.

    If you are interested in learning more about The Modern Dreamer, its craftswoman, or would like to discuss a customized dream catcher, please send a message via Etsy or email Shannon at

    Thank you for taking the time to visit and explore The Modern Dreamer. Please feel free to follow us on the links listed below:
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